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Hi, my name is Clélia Guyon. Welcome to my Portfolio. I'm going to post drawings and illustrations. I drew them in my studies and during my free time.
Thanks for your support !


How I began to draw

It may be a common thing to say but I've always been interested in drawings and art. But I really began to draw by myself when I was 13. Then, during 3 years (2015-2018), I took art classes where I improved my skills and discovered other technical drawing (charcoal, red chalk drawings, pastel).
At the same time, I bought my first graphic tablet (Wacom One) and I still use it. It allowed me to draw on different support and discovered animation/gifs.

Traditional art

Even if I'm using more the digital support now, I still enjoy doing some sketches and illustrations on paper. To me, studying anatomy is easier on a paper than on a graphic tablet.
To put it in a nutshell : it's still very important to use the traditional support because drawing with digital support is not enough.

Digital art

I really love using digital art. I draw about 65 illustrations a year on Clip Studio Paint. It's a lot but it allows me to see my recent progress !
One of the thing I love in digital art is the coloring part and the light ! I'm having a lot of fun doing this.


I have a passion for animation and cartoons.
So, when I understood how my graphic tablet worked and after some drawings, I tried to animate. Even if I'm not an expert, I managed to do sketchy animations and gifs. It's amazing how difficult and satisfaying it is to animate just a face or an arm ! And, even now, I'm still progressing !


I tried, as much as I could, to see exhibitions about artists or read things on art. During High School, I took "Art History" as an option and I discovered a lot of new artists.
I also did a binational A'level. I then discovered the main artistic movements and the most important artists.


My Different Projects

As I said before in this portfolio I will show illustrations and drawings that I did for my studies or during my free time. It can be digital or traditional.
You can check all the rest of my school projects (videos, audios, writings, motion design) on my LinkedIn.
Here, I'll just show you how much I enjoyed illustrating things.


One of the redraw I did in January 2019, about one of my oc (original character) : Abelsen. Done with Clip Studio Paint.


Another redraw that I did at the same time that Abelsen. Done with Clip Studio Paint.


I did this chara-design to work on the expressions's characters and his physical appearance. Done with Clip Studio Paint in the beginning of 2018.

Vilain Kids

Study of background, characters and animals. Based on the characters of the movie Descendants. Done in july 2018 with Clip Studio Paint.

Tamaki Amajiki

Training of a "painting technique" on a jacket. Based on a character from "My Hero Academia". Done in May 2018 with Clip Studio Paint.

Nejire Hado

Following of the previous drawing, this time it's Nejire Hado from "My Hero Academia" as well. Done during the same time as Tamaki Amajiki, with Clip Studio Paint.

Jane Roseray

Study of a background and anatomy with one of my characters, Jane. Done with 2017 with Clip Studio Paint.

Studied on Anatomy

Representation of one of the characters of Thomas Sanders, Roman, mixed with mythological history. Done in september 2019 with Clip Studio Paint.

"La Mort de Marat"

For a school work, after studied art movement, we needed to reproduce one painting with the method that we wanted (photography, drawing). I chose to reproduce "La Mort de Marat". Done with Clip Studio Paint in november 2018.

Steve Jobs

During class, we studied the "battle" between Apple and Windows. Then, we need to do a print about one of the aspect of this fight. I decided to do a print about Job career during his NeXT period. Done with Illustrator in november 2018.

Open Days

Print I did for the Open Days of my school about the Student Portrait. Done with Illustrator in january 2019.

Drone Company

I did a print for a drone company during a project in class. It was supposed to be a print where everything about this company was resumed (CEO, turnover). Done with Illustrator in january 2019.


This draped was made in 2018 and it was the first time I was doing draped. Done with charcoal.

African Portrait

African Portrait made in 2018 based on a book. Done with black stone and gouache (used by hands).


Portrait of a man done in 2017 with gouache and pastel.

Young boy

Portrait of a young boy done in 2015, with red chalk and black stone.

Toulouse Lautrec study

Toulouse Lautrec study done on kraft with pastel.

ade in 2016.


Gredin, the cat, done in 2015 with gouache.


Don't hesitate !

Go ahead and contact me if you have any questions about my works or just in need of informations about me !
I will answer the quicker I can !

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