Skate Animation

After the previous character design I did, I had to do its animation in january 2021. The objective of this work was to animate our character in a set that we would create ourselves.
I decided to represent my character skateboarding, which is a common animation, and which seemed feasible despite the few skills I had in the field of animation.

I made the animation on photoshop, using a frequency of 12 frames per second. I thus produced an animation of 6.02 seconds, or 74 images. I thought about my animation while watching many skateboard videos (where to place the foot, how to start, how to stop etc) and I then proceeded to different steps: a quick set up of the elements, the sketch, the line and finally the color.
I then integrated the scenery I made on Clip Studio Paint and my animation in After Effects and added several effects and details.

For a first try at animation, I'm extremely proud of the result and can't wait to practice other things. You can see below a step-by-step video of the creation process.

Thanks for reading !