Infography Background

Infography Background

infography, illustrator, 2018-2019

background of the menu of our game God's Plan

In this project, you can check 5 background infographics that I did during two years (2018-2019). I really loved to do that because, for me, it was a pleasure to train my illustrator skill and also learn a new way to show colors or perspective.
Here, you can see an infography that was really difficult to make. The goal was to make a background for the menu of our game : God's Plan. Honestly, I still think that I could have done a better work but I'm still very proud of how it turned.

life is strange background
bar background

Here, you can see my latest infography : a remake of Chloe's bedroom set in the video game Life Is Strange. I wanted to try different shades of orange but also to give a sunset atmosphere to the scene.


On the right you can see a background bar that I did for an After Effects project.I absolutely wanted to make the decor as simplistic as possible, in a single shade of color (here, a blue-green).

front of a bank
boss office

On the left and the right, you can see two background that I did for a videogame during my internship. The game takes place in a futuristic bank and the player moves in his corridors, while solving puzzles.
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