Traditional Drawings

Traditional Drawings

drawings, pastel, gouache, 2015-2018

african portrait
portrait of a man

During three years (2015-2018) I took art classes where I improved my skills and discovered other technical drawing (charcoal, red chalk drawings, pastel).
On the left, you can see an african portrait made in 2018 based on a book. It was done with black stone and gouache (used by hands). On the right, it's a portrait of a man done in 2017 with gouache and pastel.

portrait of a young boy
toulouse lautrec study

Portrait of a young boy done in 2015, with red chalk and black stone.


Toulouse Lautrec study done on kraft with pastel (it's one of my favorite artist). It was made in 2016.

building study
Draped study

On the left and the right, you can see two studies. One of buildings with an oriental style (2017), I was trying to understand perspective. The other is a draped made in 2018 and it was the first time I was doing draped. Done with charcoal.
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