Mseto, Abelsen

Mseto, Abelsen

drawing, clip studio paint, 2019

abelsen mseto drawing

"Mseto" is a personal project born in 2016. This project took place in a universe where different people has been cursed by a mysterious entity. Their cursed ? Transforming into animals, totally different from their personnality. I'd always try to draw, year by year, the characters from this universe. It allows me to see my, and, their evolution. With every of my project, I also try to make realistic and complex characters (not just good or bad), always different with chara-design or personnality.

Evolution of character

color direction

At right, you can see a drawing drew in 2017. Since the beginning, I imagine this character associate with the color yellow, a warm colour, always associate with the sun.


The symbolism of the raven is very present with Abelsen. This scavenger, often represented in a negative way, allows me to contrast with Abelsen's personnality and to represent the curse he suffers.

example of illustration

Below, you can check the others characters I did for this project. I invite you to click on the picture !
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