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Maxenss drawing

"Maxenss" is a french singer. First known by his music parody, he released his first EP in 2019. One of his songs called "Comment dormir avec ta voix dans ma tête" (or "How to sleep with your voice in my head") inspired me to draw this, after I saw the clip.



The main reason why I chose to paint Maxenss and this particular song was because of the aesthetic that he used in the clip. Between the flowers, the megaphone or even the lilac sky, everything was a perfect inspiration to draw.

instagram post

As you can see on the right, Maxenss posted this picture ten days before the released of the clip. The anatomy, the background and the pose make it the perfect picture to redraw. I just had to do the combination of both the clip and the picture, adding a Maxenss screaming in the background.

instagram picture that Maxenss posted

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