God's Plan

God's Plan

game design, art direction, 2019

Ares god of war, illustration card
Aphrodite goddess of love, illustration card

During a week and a half, our group did a video game on Unity. Our game, "God's Plan" is a strategic game, taking place during the Ancient Greece, the player playing one God (Ares, Aphrodite, Demeter and Hygieia). Their goal ? Controlling the most cities.
In charge of the art direction and game design, I needed to create different card representing the different Gods that the player could play but also menus, and think of the graphic style that we wanted to have.

Demeter goddess of agricultur, illustration card
Hygieia godess of health, illustration card
color pallet

I chose to give a particular color pallet for each God, making them recognizable only by the color on the card (red for Ares, pink for Aphrodite, yellow for Demeter and white/green for Hygieia).

art style

If first I chose to do a cartoonish style (inspired by the game Bastion). I quickly realised that it wasn't adapted for a mobile game. I changed my idea to adapt my art style with more broken lines and less roudness, inspired by Steven Universe.

flat color

Inspired by Ketchapp Game, we decided for a flat color direction. I added shadows to make the thing less flat but I didn't add many details. It allows the gamer to also imagine things based on my design.

Ares test with a cartoonish style
Hades test with a different style

On the right and the left you can see different art styles that I tried before finding the good one with less details, more flat and broken lines that you can see above !
Thanks for reading !

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