Fais-moi Signe

Fais-Moi Signe

infography, illustrator, 2019

fais-moi signe infography

"Fais-Moi Signe" was a project born during a workshop between the first and second year of my school. The goal ? Create a solidarity project connecting people to each other. We decided to try to help the people of a community : the users of sign language. We used this illustration to make different posts on Instagram.

art direction

Before doing anything on Illustrator, I made a sketch of the idea. I wanted to reuse the idea of the bird (the logo of "Fais-Moi Signe").

color direction

With using the bird as the mascot of this infography, I wanted to make it "shine". So, I decided to do a black and white illustration : only the bird is in color (chart graphic), making it unavailable for the illustration.

change of style

At the right, you can see one of the first illustration I did for "Fais-Moi Signe" website. I decided to change the cartoon style and go for a more realist style with this illustration.

example of illustration
fais-moi signe logo
evolution of the logo as a mascot

Above, you can see the reutilisation of the logo as the mascot, as used in the illustration. Below, you can check the others illustrations I did in the same style and idea. I invite you to click on the picture !
Thanks for reading !

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